Programming for Absolute Beginners

We’re excited to announce a new live course, offered in partnership between and A100 to bring quality live instruction in the basics of programming to absolute beginners.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to learn the basics of programming? A student looking to expand your skills? Or someone who has always been curious about programming, but have never given it a shot?

Join us on April 12th for this one-day seminar. In just eight hours, you’ll learn the basics of programming, from working with data to writing your own program.

By the end of the day, you’ll have successfully written a few simple programs – and be equipped to write many more!

Register on EventBrite here. Use discount code “A100″ to save $50.


Section I: Hello World
– Setting Up Your Environment
– Creating Output on the Terminal
– Variables and Math
– Lab Exercise

Section II: Now We’re Programmin’
– Obtaining Input
– String Variables
– Making Decisions with Conditionals
– Iterating With Loops
– Lab Exercise

Section III: Data and More
– Arrays and Tuples
– Lists, Sets and Dictionaries
– String Functions
– Lab Exercise

Section IV: Functions, Classes and Objects
– Understanding Object Orientation
– Classes and Methods
– Object Data and Inheritance
– Lab Exercise

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